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Craftsy - Tools - DIY Jewelry Making - Dotting Tool Set for & Clay Craft, Resin, Sculpting & Modeling Tool (Set of 5pcs with Double End Tips) (Tools)
  • Set of 5 dotting tools comes with two tips on each end, so total there are 10 tips in each set. They can be used on multi-purpose like nail art and clay craft, etc.

    Quantity: 5 pcs

    Size of dots: approx. from 1mm to 3mm

    Material: Plastic and metal

Craftsy - Tools - DIY Jewelry Making - Bead Tray Sets (Tools)
  • Description:

    Tray Plate Set of 3 for beading, diamond or Rhinestone

    Quantity: 3 pcs

    Material: Plastic


Craftsy - Tools - DIY Jewelry Making - Rhinestone Picking Pencils - Jewelry making assistant tool (Tools)
  • Rhinestone Picking Pencils, White

    Size: about 175mm long, 7mm in diameter.

    Rhinestone picking pencils are good assistants that pick rhinestone on beads, pendants, even on nails, clothing, bags, ect. Using Rhinestone picking pencils picking rhinestone to the place you want to decorate is convenient and saving time. 

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