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Craftsy - Accessories - DIY Jewelry Making - Foils Pale Turquoise, 40x4cm (Accessories)
  • Why guess the correct ratio when a scale measures more accurate and faster 
  • 500g/ 0.01
Craftsy - Accessories - DIY Jewelry Making - Mica Powder -Bright orange - 10mg (Accessories)
  • Pearls mica powder shimmering various colors powders mica pigments

    Coloured Micas which is their popular name or Pearlescents as they are also called is beautiful natural colors that are created by coating muscovite mica flakes with a high heat resistant iron oxides, ultramarines (referred to as 'nature identical') or dyes.

    How Are Coloured Micas Formed?
    They must go through a complex manufacturing process involving mica flakes, occasionally titanium dioxide and iron oxides or ultramarines depending on the end color, to become the stunning colors that we have all come to know and love. For cosmetic use, colored micas must then go through an extra process to refine and purify them even further which brings them to cosmetic grade standards for use in all products defined as cosmetic.

    What Can Coloured Micas Be Used In?
    They are used in a wide variety of applications including decorative paints such as for car paintwork, wonderful effects can be achieved on the artist's canvas as well as calligraphy. They are also used in Resin jewelry and card making, candle making (normally to decorate the surface) and of course nail art, cosmetics including soaps.

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